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25 September 2018 / news

EnergyBit: ‘Ready-to-use’ standard deed simplifies financing of solar (rooftop mounted) projects

The introduction of a standard (model) deed (creating a right of superficies for rooftop mounted solar panel systems) will enable Dutch real estate owners to come to an agreement with solar developers faster and cheaper, making lengthy processing time and high legal fees for most projects a thing of the past.

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Breaking down these financial and time related barriers will especially benefit small scale solar projects (for which transaction costs can be deal breaking).

The standard deed takes into consideration the interests of all parties concerned, such as banks on both sides of the deal (i.e. the real estate owners as well as the solar panel developers/companies).

The Dutch Banking Association (‘Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken (‘NVB’)) initiated the development of the standard deed together with the Royal Dutch Association of Civil-law Notaries (‘KNB’). Loyens & Loeff civil law notaries were also involved in drafting the document.

For more information on obtaining the standard (model) deed as well as other notary related questions, please do not hesitate to contact our senior deputy civil law notary Joris van de Bunt, member of the Loyens & Loeff Energy Team.

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