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12 July 2018 / news

EnergyBit: Legislative proposal introduces a minimum price for CO2

The Dutch government has published a draft legislative proposal for consultation that introduces a minimum price for CO2.

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The minimum price is introduced by way of a tax levied on electricity producers. The tax is levied per ton of CO2 emission.

In the proposal, the tax rate per ton CO2 is calculated each year as the “Minimum CO2 Price” minus the EU Emission Trading System CO2-price. For the first year, the Minimum CO2 Price is €18. For the subsequent 10 years, the amount of €18 is raised each year with €2.50 until it reaches €43. The EU ETS price is based on the average price of the month November of the preceding year.

Introduction of the tax is envisaged as per 2020. Submissions with comments on the legislative proposal can be made until 21 August 2018 via an electronic portal.

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