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19 May 2020 / article

Energy transition – background and perspective

Even in these unprecedented times, while the news is being dominated by COVID-19, the media continues to feature prominent articles and discussions concerning climate change almost daily.

In general, the tone of these reports is not optimistic. Under the current circumstances with countries, companies and citizens being asked to do their utmost to get through the health crisis, climate change threatens to lose its urgency at policy level. Rescuing the economy as it existed before the crisis struck is often given priority at the national level. That is why EU Commissioner Timmermans stated that for him a ‘green recovery’ is not a luxury, but a ‘necessary duty’, pointing out the economic opportunities that green recovery offers.

This edition of Quoted is devoted to reviewing the developments in this area. More specifically, we will examine the governmental measures awaiting industry and the opportunities being offered for participating in Energy Transition and thus combatting or even reversing climate change.

Read more about 'Energy transition – background and perspective' below or download it as pdf-version.

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