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21 June 2018 / press release

Bartjan Zoetmulder new chairman NOB

The Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (NOB) has appointed Loyens & Loeff tax partner Bartjan Zoetmulder as its new chairman.

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He succeeds Maurice de Kleer, who had reached his maximum term after 3 years of presidency.

Three year strategy

In his inaugural speech as chairman Zoetmulder addressed NOB’s strategy for the coming three years. Topics that he touched upon related to the professional interests of the more than 5200 members, training and the Code of Conduct. Legal certainty and protection of interests of clients will also be important themes in the coming years. In addition, the NOB wants to focus even more on its social responsibility and in view thereof will more actively contribute to the tax debate on a broad range of topics.

Zoetmulder: "The NOB delivers contributions, solicited and unsolicited and at any time, to the legislative process and the (social) debate on taxes. We do so based on content and from our professional experience working as tax advisers and on a broad range of topics. As a tax think tank we put our expertise at the disposal of anyone who needs it."

About Bartjan

Bartjan Zoetmulder (1969) studied tax law at the University of Groningen. He has been a tax partner at the Amsterdam office of Loyens & Loeff since 2003. His practice focuses on the Dutch and international real estate markets and he advises Dutch, European, American and Asian real estate investors and project developers.

Between 2008 and 2016, Bartjan was already a board member of the NOB, where he held the role of chairman of the International Tax Affairs Committee. Until the end of 2017 he was also chairman of NOB’s Dutch Investment Climate Committee.