Léone Klapwijk
Senior associate - Attorney at law

Léone Klapwijk

Léone Klapwijk, attorney at law, specialises in energy law.

About Léone Klapwijk

Léone is a member of the Energy team, advising energy companies and market players and assisting them in civil, administrative and regulatory matters and disputes. She also advises on proceedings concerning the Electricity Act and Gas Act, on renewable energy (subsidies), (the explanations or fulfilment of) commercial contracts, regulatory issues and common rules. Léone has a lot of experience dealing with exceptions to (GDS and direct line) network management. In addition, she advises regularly on Heat Act-related matters, for example, on the issue whether the Heating Supply Act is applicable to heat distribution via geothermal heat pumps, in the case of multitenant environments, on the suppliers’ responsibilities to inform users etc.

She also advises on proceedings concerning cable and pipe laying rights both in public law (i.e. licences, compensation for losses) and civil law areas (compliance or termination of contracts for cable and pipe usage, establishing the right of superficies, and compensation for pipe rerouting). Léone organises seminars on energy-related topics on a regular basis.