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For our clients in the Russia/CIS region, expanding their business into or through Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg (the Benelux), or Switzerland opens many lucrative opportunities. The Loyens & Loeff Russia/CIS region team offers specialised tax and legal advice to facilitate cross-border transactions both into and out of the Russia/CIS region. Count on our extensive expertise to ensure the success of your organisation’s international expansion.

Tailored Advice on Legal Structures

Our diverse client base of Russian corporate enterprises has counted on our expert team for years when establishing joint venture structures in any of our home markets. Trust in us to help create and maintain your organisation’s European headquarters, holding and finance companies, investment funds, group IP companies or hybrids of these.

Specialised Asset Protection

The success of your international investment relies on a solid legal structure to protect your assets. Our Russian/CIS clients trust in our pragmatic, customised services, ranging from M&A transactions to litigation procedures and beyond. Benefit from our extensive expertise and track record of success in protecting your organisation’s international assets.

Trusted Tax and Legal Expertise

When expanding your business into or out of the Russia/CIS region, you can count on expert tax and legal advice from Loyens & Loeff, every step of the way. Whether it is international tax law, corporate structuring, establishing a European headquarters, asset protection or more, rest assured that you will have a trusted partner by your side.

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News - 22 February 2019 - Global

European Parliament approves screening of foreign direct investments into the EU

On 14 February 2019 the European Parliament approved an European wide framework for the screening of foreign direct investments into the EU (the Regulation)....
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