Tax Assurance

Tax risk management – which focuses on anticipating and managing potential tax risks – is becoming increasingly important for companies. Part of managing tax risks involves determining your tax position accurately for your financial statements, as well as implementing a tax control framework.

Tax accounting

We can determine your tax position for your financial statements and provide assistance to external auditors, including preparing reports about uncertain tax positions (IAS 12/IFRIC 23 under IFRS or ASC 740-10 under US GAAP). In addition, we can provide you with information about your current tax position, which you might need for quarterly or half-yearly reports, for example.

Tax control frameworks

Tax control frameworks are useful for analysing the tax function within your organisation, and are also essential if you have a compliance agreement with the Dutch tax authorities. We develop a tax control framework based on our investigation of points of special interest and control measures, putting you ‘in control’ of your tax function.


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