Rapid technical innovation raises new questions. The speed of innovation in IT is high. This offers businesses and institutions new possibilities all the time, but it also gives rise to challenging legal issues.

The reliance on IT for business is increasing every day. Often resulting in outsourcing of IT to cut costs and enhance quality. Clear and unambiguous agreements with IT service providers are important in order to safeguard the continuity of your organisation.
IT projects are always challenging. More than half of software projects have been found to fail in practice. In the unfortunate event that things go wrong, good legal resolution is essential.

What you can expect from us

  • A great deal of experience in advising companies, healthcare institutions, insurers and government bodies about their IT challenges.
  • Preparing and negotiating contracts in the area of software development and with regard to the purchase and supply of various IT services and products.
  • Strategic partnership with project teams around the purchase and implementation of IT in terms of both software and infrastructure, and also with regard to the procurement of hardware and the associated maintenance services and financing agreements (MES contract).
  • Advice on the tendering for IT services and products (RFP, RFI) to ensure that you get what you want.
  • Support and advice around IT projects that are struggling.
  • Strategic legal handling of issues relating to e-commerce and e-reputation.
  • Proper resolution of problems. If legal action is found to be unavoidable, that is a challenge that you can leave to us. We litigate regularly, and do it efficiently with a result-oriented approach.

Our approach

  • We are business-minded. Our team of lawyers and advisers have extensive experience in supporting and advising companies. Our advisers consider your broader commercial interests.
  • We are interested. We appreciate the value of getting to know you well and knowing what drives and motivates you. Only then can we properly champion your interests on each project and jointly form a strong negotiating team.
  • You will find us to be a clear, high quality, critical partner. We always strive for comprehensible and practical contracts with clear agreements and tight procedures. We have the no-nonsense approach that is typical of Rotterdam.
  • We attach great importance to working efficiently. We will help you quickly, and we are proactive and contactable.
  • You can expect us to provide a tailored solution with a client-oriented approach. Every situation and every business is unique, so our support and advice are too.

Dispute resolution & advice

Our expertise includes drafting and negotiating documentation for intellectual property transactions. We offer a combined solution of intellectual property and tax issues in international restructurings including the transfer and licensing of intellectual property rights. In intellectual property disputes we also assist our clients in arbitration and in litigation before the courts.

We advise on all aspects of intellectual property rights such as:

  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Databases
  • Trade names
  • Models and design
  • Know-how
  • ICT agreements
  • Telecom roaming agreements
  • Telecom tariffs
  • Advertising
  • Privacy protection