In today’s globalised economy, our clients increasingly choose to resolve their (international) business disputes by means of arbitration. Domestic and international arbitration proceedings can provide many benefits compared with court proceedings.

Many of our clients are internationally active companies with substantial and growing cross-border activity. We represent our clients in arbitral proceedings as well as in any post-arbitration proceedings aimed at enforcement or annulment of the arbitral award(s).

Broad sector experience

Traditionally, disputes in the energy, construction, maritime and trade industries are resolved through arbitration. With our proximity to and strong relations with the world’s most important harbours and industries, we regularly represent these clients in domestic and international arbitrations concerning oil & gas, onshore and offshore facilities, power generation, construction & engineering, shipbuilding, real estate, waste management, biodiesel production, chemical processes and logistics. In addition, we frequently act on behalf of clients involved in arbitrations regarding disputes concerning joint ventures, partnerships and shareholder agreements.

Combining our expertise

We also regularly advise clients on investment protection, foreign investment law, and bilateral/multilateral investment treaties. We explain how they can enforce their rights afforded by international law through investment arbitration. In this context, we have particular expertise in (pro-actively) dealing with the fiscal implications of damages awarded in investment arbitrations.

International approach

To serve our (international) client base in the most efficient way, our arbitration specialists are based in all our home markets: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels and Zurich offices, in the vicinity of major arbitration institutions and facilities.