Loyens & Loeff

Leases in Belgium

Loyens & Loeff’s Real Estate Team is glad to provide you with this first edition of the booklet “Leases in Belgium”.

Leases represent the future return on an investment. A good knowledge of the multiple nuances of Belgian tenancy law and of the impact that other disciplines, ranging from administrative to tax law, might have on leases, will allow investors to avoid unexpected costs and therefore will lead to optimisation of the profitability of the investment.

The intention of this publication is to provide a practical overview of the most important legal and tax facets of the Belgian lease regimes. This integrated approach reflects Loyens & Loeff’s way of working in its daily practice. The publication is intended to be easy to read and use for all those involved with lease in their real estate projects, whether they are investors, asset managers or other real estate professionals. The information in this booklet will hopefully give you clearer insight into the Belgian lease regimes and provide you with a first answer to your most prominent questions.

Download your own copy in PDF format, or view the document below.