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Financial Regulatory News Updates May 2017

The Financial Regulatory News Updates: an overview in which our Banking and Finance Practice Group highlights:

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New prospectus rules adopted

On 16 May 2017, the European Council adopted new rules on prospectuses for the offering and listing of securities which will replace the current prospectus rules under Directive 2003/71/EC, as amended. The new rules are aimed at lowering the regulatory hurdles that companies face when issuing equity and debt securities, and intend to simplify administrative obligations related to the publication of prospectuses while ensuring that investors are well informed.

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Data Protection & Privacy

The Loyens & Loeff Data Protection and Privacy Team publishes a monthly Data Protection and Privacy Update and a monthly GDPR Update. Please find below the newest updates:


Financial Institutions Team – BankBits

The Loyens & Loeff Financial Institutions Team has its own page on LinkedIn. We invite you to take a look at the BankBits, short news items relevant for financial institutions. Here we regularly post news items relevant for the financial institution sector called ‘BankBits’

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Legislative dates for your diary

  • Dutch legislative consultation: Besluit aanwijzing organisaties van openbaar belang in de zin van de Wta, deadline 01.05.2017 (Click here)
  • ESA consultation: RTS on CCP to strengthen fight against financial crime (JC-2017-08), deadline 05.05.2017 (Click here)
  • Dutch legislative consultation: de conceptregeling in verband met het versterken van de governance en het herijken van de kwaliteitswaarborgen van accountantsorganisaties (Besluit aanvullende maatregelen accountantsorganisaties), deadline 09.05.2017 (Click here)
  • Dutch legislative consultation: Premierestitutie schending mededelingsplicht te goeder trouw, deadline 10.05.2017 (Click here)
  • Dutch legislative consultation: Wet identificatie houders aandelen aan toonders, deadline 11.05.2017 (Click here)
  • Dutch legislative consultation: Invoering van een depositogarantiestelsel op de BES-eilanden, deadline 13.05.2017 (Click here)
  • EBA consultation: procedures for complaints of alleged infringements of the PSD2, deadline 16.05.2017 (Click here)
  • EC consultation: Public consultation on the operations of the European supervisory Authorities, deadline 16.05.2017 (Click here)
  • EBA consultation: specification of an economic downturn, deadline 29.05.2017 (Click here)
  • Dutch legislative consultation: Besluit implementatie verordening essentiële-informatiedocumenten, deadline 30.05.2017 (Click here)
  • Dutch legislative consultation: Wijziging van de Regeling eindtermen en toetstermen examens financiële dienstverlening Wft en de Regeling gelijkstelling diploma’s vakbekwaamheid Wft, deadline 31.05.2017 (Click here)
  • EBA consultation: Recommendations on the coverage of entities in a group recovery plan, deadline 02.06.2017 (Click here)
  • EBA consultation: draft Guidelines to prevent terrorist financing and money laundering in electronic fund transfers, deadline 05.06.2017 (Click here)
  • Revised shareholder directive, entry into force: 09.06.2017 (Click here)
  • AFM consultation: beleidsregel geschiktheid beleidsbepalers OOB-accountantsorganisaties, deadline 13.06.2017 (Click here)
  • EBA consultation: EBA consults on scope of its draft guidelines on connected clients, deadline 25.06.2017 (Click here)
  • Implementation deadline approaching: EU directive 2015/849 (fourth anti-money laundering directive), deadline implementation 26.06.2017 (Click here)
  • Wire Transfer Regulation (WTR2 2015/847), entry into force 26.06.2017 (Click here)
  • EC consultation: conflict of laws rules for third party effects of transactions in securities and claims, deadline 30.06.2017 (Click here)
  • EBA consultation: RTS on Simplified Obligations, deadline 08.08.2017 (Click here)
  • Implementation deadline approaching: EU directive 2017/593 (with regard to safeguarding of financial instruments and funds belonging to clients, product governance obligations and the rules applicable to the rovision or reception of fees, commissions or any monetary or non-monetary benefits), deadline implementation 07.07.2017 (Click here)
  • ESMA consultation: Draft technical advice, implementing technical standards and guidelines under the MMF Regulation, deadline 07.08.2017 (Click here)
  • EBA consultation: EBA consults on Guidelines on security measures for operational and security risks under the PSD2, deadline 07.08.2018 (Click here)
  • EBA consultation: on its guidance for the use of cloud computing, deadline 18.08.2017 (Click here)

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Recent financial regulatory developments

Please read the overview of recent developments below or download the pdf version.


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