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Talking Tax - What can you expect in 2018?

Talking Tax - What can you expect in 2018?

Loyens & Loeff - Rue Neerveldstraat 101-103, 1200 Brussels

Starts : 06-02-2018 13:00

Our early year tax seminar, an event for professionals dealing with domestic and international tax matters.

We will guide you through the major developments impacting your business and address a series of hot topics.


  • 1.00pm  -  Welcome and registration

  • 1.30pm  -  Holding structures: What has changed to the holding regime and what type of substance is required for holdings as a result of recent EU measures? – Marc Dhaene

  • 2.00pm  -  Profit allocation aspects of the tax reform: How do new interest limitation rules, CFC legislation, consolidation and new transfer pricing measures impact the taxable basis of a Belgian taxpayer? – Natalie Reypens

  • 2.30pm  -  Capital reductions: What is the impact of the tax reform on capital reductions? What is the new definition of fiscal capital and how will the new measures interact with the ones relating to contributions/sales of shares to an own holding company? – Nicolas Bertrand

  • 3.00pm  -  Pause

  • 3.30pm  -  Taxation of securities accounts: What is it finally about? Also other important changes to taxation of individuals in Belgium will be discussed – Saskia Lust

  • 4.00pm  -  VAT reform and digital economy: What is new in respect of VAT? What are the current proposals of taxation of digital economy? – Bert Gevers

  • 4.30pm  -  Dawn raids: How to prepare and protect your company to investigations? – Christian Chéruy

  • 5.00pm  -  Networking reception

Date: Tuesday 6 February 2018

Time: 1pm - 6pm

Location: Loyens & Loeff - Rue Neerveldstraat 101-103, 1200 Brussels