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Loyens & Loeff has a dedicated team focusing on the US, in order to meet the demand for legal expertise relating to investments from the US into the Benelux, Switzerland and the EU in general, or vice versa. This team pools expertise available within our firm with respect to legal matters involving US clients and investors into the US. Our clients include, inter alia, a substantial number of US MNEs, financial institutions and private equity firms.

Our New York office, which has been in existence for over 40 years, is the center of this dedicated US region team. The New York office is staffed by 10-15 lawyers with experience in tax, corporate and finance law in the Benelux and Switzerland (including EU law). The size and history of our operation in the US is unique for Benelux and Swiss law firms. Our New York office allows us to understand the specific needs of US clients, serve them in their own time zone and connect them to our specialists in the Benelux and Switzerland.

In the US, we frequently meet our clients in person, organize seminars involving our specialists and actively participate in professional organizations, and networks. For investments into the US, we use our broad network of trusted US advisers, provide our advice in close cooperation with them and connect clients in our home markets to their US counterparts and US service providers.

Through the US region team, clients have access to Loyens & Loeff's integrated and full-service legal expertise with regard to the Benelux and Switzerland. The members of our US region team (over 100 lawyers in all of our offices) have extensive experience in the US market, in areas that include corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, international tax, financing transactions, litigation, intellectual property, private equity and investment management and board room counseling. This enables our experts that focus on the US to provide clients with pragmatic and tailor-made advice on US-related legal matters.

Members of the US region team also participate in Loyens & Loeff expert teams that focus on specific sectors, such as energy, real estate, and life sciences.

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