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Transfer pricing

Today, transfer pricing is one of the main tax issues faced by groups. Whether your business is a high-growth start-up or an established multinational, you need to comply with transfer pricing rules. This means that you need to have transfer pricing documentation available based on which tax authorities can assess how conditions were determined and whether they reflect market circumstances.

The focus on transfer pricing has sharpened due to current developments within the OECD, the European Union and local jurisdictions. We see increasing numbers of countries implementing stringent transfer pricing documentation requirements. At the same time, businesses show concern with tax authorities vigilantly enforcing these new requirements in their quest for a larger share of the profits.

With our integrated tax & legal expertise and comprehensive transfer pricing knowledge we advise businesses in our main service areas Documentation, Planning & Strategy and Dispute Resolution.

Hands-on approach and tailor-made answers to:

  • Documentation
    Often we hear that tax departments face issues in dealing with new transfer pricing documentation requirements such as Master File, Local File and Country-by-Country Reporting obligations. Our transfer pricing specialists help you to assess your documentation against stringent new requirements in our home markets (Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg). These experiences are used by our clients to roll out solid documentation standards in other jurisdictions. Our approach allows us to have a global impact with our local reach.

  • Planning & Strategy
    Feedback from clients shows that new regulatory developments force businesses to review their legal structures. We help your tax department in formulating sustainable transfer pricing strategies that are in line with your business whilst maintaining tax efficiency. Clients ask our advice on transfer pricing policies, building and converting business models and profit allocations into permanent establishments.

  • Dispute Resolution
    Clients experience the process of avoiding double taxation as very lengthy and complicated. With our integrated tax & transfer pricing practice, we are able to help you accelerate procedures and prevent double taxation. We also regularly assist our clients with audits and resolve (international) transfer pricing disputes both at an administrative and court level.

More information
Should you wish to get in touch, please call one of our transfer pricing specialists. Alternatively, you can send us an email and we will respond promptly.