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To meet the increasing demand for expertise in all tax and legal aspects relating to the structuring of investments in an ever changing economic and regulatory environment, Loyens & Loeff has a specialised region team for Russia/CIS. This team pools the firm’s extensive experience in these markets as well as expertise in international tax law, corporate structuring, mergers and acquisitions, to support Russian/CIS clients who wish to invest or expand their businesses into or through the Benelux and Switzerland.

For example, we can help set up a joint venture structure in one of our home markets for Russian corporate enterprises or investors who like to join-up with non-Russian/CIS counterparts. Other types of structures for Russian/CIS clients for which our services are perfectly suited is the set-up and (legal and tax) maintenance of the European headquarters, a holding and finance company, an investment fund, a group IP company or a combination thereof. We can equally help clients who are looking for a solid legal structure for asset protection. On a more transactional basis Russian/CIS clients request our pragmatic and customised services, for among others, M&A transactions and litigation procedures, where we have built up ample experience over the years.

Are you planning to expand your business outside of Russia/CIS or are you looking to attract foreign investors? Please contact us to discuss if and how we can be of any help.

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