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Port & Logistics

Experienced experts in port-related business

The Netherlands’ maritime ports are vital to the economy and influential players in the logistical process of goods transshipment and storage. For this exact reason, we decided in 2001 to strengthen our position in the sector by creating the Port & Logistics Team.

A strong presence in the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam

Our offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Belgium have already gained us a prominent position in the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp. We advise large and medium-sized enterprises and local, regional and national authorities that operate in the port sector, including shipping firms, the offshore industry, shipbuilders and engineers, ship brokers, storage and transshipment companies, petrochemical companies, port authorities, port operators and logistical services providers.

We know what’s happening

Over the years, we have built up extensive experience in many high-profile projects and transactions across the full spectrum of port-related activities. The basis of our success is our understanding of the legal and tax challenges facing our clients. Our knowledge of the broad range of legislation governing port-related activities means we can advise you on:

  • Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and partnership agreements
  • Aspects of competition law
  • State aid
  • Environmental law, safety and regulatory law
  • Distribution, agency and logistical services contracts
  • Shipping finance
  • Aspects of maritime and other employment law and social security law
  • Notarial deeds governing share transfers and the sale of property
  • Land sale and ground lease transactions
  • VAT, customs duties and capital transfer tax
  • Application of tonnage tax schemes
  • Application of wage withholding tax for maritime personnel
  • Tax liability for maritime ports
  • Energy taxation

Sharp focus and pragmatic approach  

Many challenges in the port sector require an approach in which problems are scrutinised from the perspective of various disciplines. The Port & Logistics Team brings together these disciplines and pools the combined knowledge and experience of its attorneys, notaries and tax specialists. Our short lines of communication, keen eye and pragmatic approach will relieve you of the worry of dealing with these challenges and provide you with solutions that match your specific situation.

Within the Port & Logistics Team, the Shipping & Offshore Team specialises in advising on transactions, cross-border activities and other operational issues characteristic of the shipping and offshore industries.

More information

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