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Developments in the field of pensions and other old-age provisions are following each other in rapid succession and legislation is continuing to change too. The pensions sector is finding itself faced with a whole range of challenges as a result. We can imagine that you might have questions about how certain matters need to be arranged - whether you are a pension provider or an employer. In addition, there is a high demand for good directors today and ever stricter requirements are being imposed on pension fund directors.

Tax and legal expertise

Pension issues often involve both tax and legal aspects. We have all of the expertise you will need in-house. Our team consists of tax advisers, pension lawyers, regulatory lawyers and civil-law notaries and we would welcome the opportunity to advise you on the following matters:

  • Setting up and changing pension schemes
  • Pension fund liquidation
  • Setting up premium pension institutions and general pension funds
  • Pension provisions for employees who are seconded to positions in a different country, whether from or to the Netherlands
  • Pension-related (directors' and officers') liability
  • The scope of pension schemes
  • Pension-related aspects of mergers and takeovers
  • Outsourcing by pension funds
  • (Fiduciary) investment management

Course: ‘Managing a pension fund’ ('Besturen van een pensioenfonds')

Are you a director, prospective director or co-policymaker of a pension fund? Would you like to make sure you meet the suitability requirements stipulated by DNB? If so, we would like to offer you the opportunity to do the following accredited pension-fund management course: ‘Managing a pension fund’ (Suitability level A). We will be pleased to share our extensive practical experience of the pension sector with you and help you explore the complex world of pensions. You will also meet professional peers with whom you will be able to exchange experiences. This course has been organised in collaboration with Lane Clark & Peacock and will take place at our office in Amsterdam.

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Feel free to contact us if you are a pension provider (pension funds, insurers, implementing bodies and investment managers) or an employer (ranging from multinationals to employers that administer pensions themselves).