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Financial Litigation

The duty of care of financial institutions has, in recent years, grown ever more important. Both towards retail and professional investors. Where duty of care was once an afterthought, today it often plays a central role - particularly when it comes to liability issues.

What we can do for you
As a representative of a bank, investment fund, asset management company, pension fund or other financial institution, you understand that, partly because of social pressure, it’s important to be well prepared for litigation. The professionals at Loyens & Loeff can assist you with the development of a coherent strategy. You can contact us with regards to question regarding various disputes in the field of financial litigation for a tailor-made advice. By combining its regulatory and civil knowledge, Loyens & Loeff is also uniquely placed to assist you. Stronger together, both with you and for you.

More information
Should you wish to get in touch with one of our team members, please contact one of our financial litigation specialists.