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Family Owned Business & Private Wealth

Do you own a family business? Are you an entrepreneur? Or maybe a high net worth individual? If so, you no doubt face complex tax and legal regulations, both at home and abroad. Not just related to your business, but also to your personal (family) wealth.

You may well be wondering if your tax and legal position in business and in personal affairs is up to date and optimal. Or perhaps you have questions on how to ensure a smooth transfer of your (family-owned) company to the next generation, without disrupting the continuity of the business. These are not just questions of the mind; personal values, family values and emotion - heart - play a part as well and must be involved in any considerations.

Our Family Owned Business & Private Wealth department would be delighted to offer you tailored, personal advice. We take a co-operative and forward-thinking approach, anticipating social dynamics, and help you to make the right choices. This also applies to our services for family offices, private bankers, (family) foundations and (family) trusts.

What can you expect from us?

The nine examples that follow will give you an idea of what you can expect from us.

  1. Tax and legal structuring of your family-owned business
  2. Advice on the management and supervision of your family-owned business and wealth
  3. Protection of your wealth and your privacy
  4. Tax and legal structuring of your succession planning
  5. Advice on prenuptial agreements and last wills
  6. Support for your emigration and/or repatriation
  7. Tax and legal structuring of your valuable assets
  8. Establishing (family) foundations and charitable organisations
  9. Performing tax compliance activities

What makes us unique?

We are unique because of the fully-integrated collaboration between tax advisers, civil law notaries and lawyers. Your questions are considered and addressed from various perspectives, and we are completely independent from accountants. You can also draw on specialist tax and legal knowledge of the rules in our four home markets (the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland) and you can draw on our global (business) network.

We have more than 100 years of experience in the industry and we are genuinely interested in our clients. This allows us to efficiently transform your complex tax and legal issues into pragmatic solutions. We aim to build long-term client relationships founded on mutual trust (trusted advisor).

More information

Would you like more information? Maybe an informal introductory meeting would be of interest? Please contact your Loyens & Loeff adviser or get in touch with one of our dedicated advisers in the Family Owned Business & Private Wealth department.

For more information read our brochure below, or download the pdf.


What others say about the team

Chambers & Partners HNW: "Clients highlight the team's 'dedication, knowledge, availability and business sense'." A second source says: 'They are very quick to respond and communication is great.'"


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