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Environmental Law

Area development is popular again and changing the use of buildings is the order of the day. In spite of vacant retail units we also see expansion or revitalisation of retail properties. In addition, many businesses are on the point of investing in new premises and modifying and/or expanding their installations. In a country like the Netherlands, with its intensive land use, many interests, and extensive regulations in the area of environmental law, the initiator will always be unsure whether its project will cross the finish line intact. In addition, many authorities are concerned about how they can keep control over their environment.

An answer to every environment law related question

Environmental law – which is subdivided into spatial planning law and environmental law – requires special expertise. This is a complicated area with constantly changing regulations and many active players. The new Environment Act, which will enter into effect in 2019, is an example of this. We will be pleased to support you with all public law (but also private law) matters relating to the physical living environment, such as spatial (area) developments, nature and environmental law aspects, energy, waste and project development. This is a small selection of the activities that our team performs in the area of environmental law:

  • Assisting developers with planning procedures for project or area development. We assist clients (the market party or public sector party) with developing new zoning plans or other planning decisions.
  • Supporting and advising on the procedure (from application to grant) for environmental permits for the environment or construction.
  • Objection and appeal proceedings against environmental permits that have been refused or granted (for building or for the environment).
  • Conducting proceedings against undesired spatial developments with a large impact and/or major damage for one or more businesses (such as developments which make it possible to create competing businesses or developments that could lead to environmental nuisance).
  • Advising on the installation and operation of major projects (such as infrastructure projects or wind farms).
  • Supporting and advising with expropriation proceedings for both expropriated parties as well as expropriating parties.
  • Advising municipalities and provinces when compiling and adopting regulations with regard to environmental law.
  • Assisting and advising businesses when applying for and obtaining specific permits and exemptions (such as amended permits and exemptions in the areas of nature and flora and fauna or the soil).
  • Assisting and advising and, if need be, conducting enforcement proceedings for building or environmental law regulators.

How we work

Loyens & Loeff has a large number of specialised lawyers with the right experience and knowledge available for you who can deal with every environmental law issue. It is also possible in this regard to work in a team with other colleagues, such as in the areas of energy, real estate, private law for the public sector or administrative law. Loyens & Loeff has a specialised team at the ready for you for every environmental law question. Furthermore, Loyens & Loeff will assist you, when asked as well as on its own initiative, by keeping you informed about relevant developments by means of newsletters, publications and seminars.

For more information, please contact one of our environmental law specialists directly.