Loyens & Loeff

Corporate Criminal Law

Loyens & Loeff’s criminal law experts have extensive experience in advising clients on criminal law issues and representing clients in criminal investigations and proceedings. 

This is a small selection of the many activities that our team performs:

  • Conducting internal investigations into irregularities concerning for instance fraud, bribery/corruption, forgery or money laundering (e.g. as a result of a whistleblower report or concerns raised by the (external) auditor)
  • Advising corporate clients (companies and (senior) management) on various corporate criminal law topics, such as criminal liability of companies and (senior) management under Dutch law
  • Representing/defending corporate clients in criminal proceedings regarding suspicions of money laundering, bribery/corruption, tax fraud, investment fraud, accounting fraud, environmental crimes, workplace accidents, violations of financial supervision laws and regulations and others
  • Representing corporate clients in negotiations with the Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie) and assisting clients during raids/visits by investigative authorities (e.g. FIOD)
  • Advising corporate clients with regard to confiscation proceedings
  • Advising and representing corporate clients that have become victim of fraud or other (white collar) crimes
  • Assisting corporate clients with the implementation of compliance measures (e.g. anti-corruption and anti-money laundering)
  • Advising on the topic cybersecurity