Loyens & Loeff

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

To meet the increasing demand for expertise in all tax and legal aspects relating to the structuring of investments in an ever changing economic and regulatory environment, Loyens & Loeff has a specialised region team for CEE. This team pools the firm’s over 15 years extensive experience in this market as well as expertise in international tax law, corporate structuring, mergers and acquisitions, to name a few.

This experience and expertise enables the team members to support international investors from all over the world to expand their businesses to the CEE states, via Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands or Switzerland. Through the extensive network of the region team, CEE clients have access to top-tier advisors in the region with whom the CEE team maintains longstanding and close working relationships.

Based on its extensive experience the team can assist in guiding structures in the field of real estate investments, joint ventures, holding and financing, European headquarters, investments funds, group IP and trading companies or a combination thereof. We can also assist clients by setting up solid legal structures aiming at asset and/or investment protection. Furthermore, we can support CEE clients with M&A transactions and litigation procedures, areas in which we gained broad experience over the years.

Are you considering or planning to invest or expand your business out of or into Central or Eastern European markets? Please contact us to discuss if and how we can be of help.