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The Netherlands and Canada are important business partners. The Netherlands is the second largest investor in Canada and Canada the thirteenth largest investor in the Netherlands. Two-way merchandize trade between the two countries is substantial and growing. Canada also has very good relationships with our other three home markets Luxembourg (the third largest source of direct investments in Canada), Belgium and Switzerland (the fifth largest investor in Canada). Investments by Canadian based multi-nationally operating groups (including pension plans, institutional investment funds and private equity) into our four home markets include many different sectors, such as (renewable) energy, pharma, chemicals, petrochemicals, agriculture, transportation, mining, financials and tech.

A group of lawyers within the firm has developed a specific geographical focus on Canada. The Region Team Canada consists of tax lawyers (specialists on direct and indirect taxes) and corporate lawyers (M&A and banking and finance specialists) from all of our four home markets. We advise a great variety of Canadian clients on making investments into our home markets, as well as international clients making their investments into Canada from one of our home markets. All of our team members have extensive experience in the Canadian market as well as expertise in international tax law, corporate and IP (re)structuring and mergers and acquisitions The members of our Canada team travel to Canada on a regular basis to meet with our clients, to develop and maintain our relationships with the main Canadian law firms and keep up to date on any market or legal developments. Our team members frequently lecture on international conferences in Canada, such as the various IBA and IFA meetings and the meetings organized by the Canadian Tax Foundation.

As a Region Team, we work closely together with the various Sector Teams on our Canadian based clients and international clients making investments into Canada. We involve them where we can to ensure that all available expertise is made available to our clients.

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