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As a car manufacturer, an OEM, an importer, a dealer, a leasing company, an independent repairer or other actor in the automotive sector, you are facing strong international competition. What’s more, recent difficult economic times have led to a strong European regulatory reaction. These developments can significantly impact your future business policies, strategies and related decisions. With this in mind, Loyens & Loeff brings together – in one place – everything required to offer you a full-service tax and legal response to face these challenges.

Tailored and dedicated to the automotive sector, our multidisciplinary team moves quickly and efficiently to support you in adapting to the changing regulatory environment governing many areas of your industry today. When you work with the Loyens & Loeff Automotive Team, you are working with an expert team of professionals which has been strategically and carefully put together from practice groups around the firm. This means you benefit from the full range of services and knowledge of a team who understands and is dedicated to your business.

Active both locally and internationally, the Loyens & Loeff Automotive team is your one-stop shop for all legal and tax solutions. This international reach also enables us to keep one step ahead of the ever-evolving technologies and global issues affecting your business. The comprehensive range of services encompasses agreements, matters of internal organisation, compliance & risk management, as well as dispute resolution. We can provide you with support for any issue you may face, including:

  • Agreements
    Our work stretches from agency and commissionaire agreements, to license agreements, ICT contracts, R&D agreements, and lease agreements. We work on agreements related to restructuring exercises, data protection, supply of products/services, franchise agreements, as well as exclusive & selective distribution agreements. We also prepare guidelines regarding pre-contractual information duties.
  • Internal organisation
    We cover employment, incentives (and their tax implications), compensation, transfer-pricing aspects of intra-group agreements, corporate housekeeping, corporate finance, real estate, as well as agreements with third party service providers.
  • Compliance & risk management
    We provide support in compliance with fair trade practice regulations, European competition rules, as well as merger control. Other areas include data and privacy protection, parallel imports, product liability and recalls, market practices, direct taxes, and advantages in kind granted to personnel. Our team provides support on tax incentives, assistance in tax ruling procedures, VAT and car tax issues, customs and international trade issues and environmental permits.
  • Dispute resolution
    Our services include the protection, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights as well as assistance in tax audits, tax litigation, termination of employment, and conflicts pertaining to incentives and working time. We also cover issues of termination of commercial agreements, contractual non-compliance, settlement agreements, and arbitration & mediation.

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