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Administrative Law

The government plays a particularly important and rapidly changing role, which seems to be increasing all the time, in our daily lives. Businesses come into contact with the authorities more and more in the exercise and expansion of their activities. Sometimes the government acts as a partner and sometimes as an opponent. Sound legal support is indispensable in both instances in order to achieve an optimal result. Loyens & Loeff can offer this support at every stage of development and implementation or in any disputes (both for, against and with the authorities).

An answer to every administrative law related question

We offer specialised support and assistance with all matters and procedures in the area of administrative law. For example, in the context of official decisions (such as subsidies and permits), but also in case of damage due to official acts, when obtaining permits or approvals, or if you are faced with enforcement and/or regulation. In this regard, we assist not only with proceedings but also with offering strategic advice as regards the preparatory phase. This is a small selection of the many activities that our team performs:

  • Assistance with applying for and obtaining subsidies for businesses and institutions and, if need be, objection and appeal proceedings against subsidy decisions.
  • Giving advice as regards the development and realisation of new (head) offices for businesses where - sometimes together with the local government - the public law aspects of the development must be defined as efficiently and clearly as possible (whether or not in cooperation with our real estate and administrative law specialists).
  • Conducting proceedings on behalf of one or more enterprises/institutions in specific industries (such as the pharmaceutical industry, care, foodstuffs, housing corporations or transportation) against official acts (such as new policies or regulations, revoking approvals etc.).
  • Giving advice regarding and acting at law with regard to enforcement procedures by regulators, where claims are made against businesses for infringement of legal or permit regulations (such as in the areas of environment law, licensing and catering regulations, and construction and fire safety).
  • Assisting businesses (whether or not in cooperation with the local government) with obtaining approvals/permits to carry out specific activities.
  • Offering urgent assistance to enterprises in case of incidents or accidents (e.g. in the area of environmental law), where there is a threat of administrative or even criminal enforcement (whether or not together with our specialists from corporate investigations).
  • Offering advice on how to deal with international sanctions in commerce (e.g. against Russia or Iran).
  • Advising on and conducting proceedings in order to obtain compensation for damage caused by an official body due to lawful acts, for example if a citizen or enterprise suffers damage as a result of a modified zoning plan.
  • Advising on and conducting proceedings, if need be, regarding publication matters, where an enterprise or official body is confronted with potential or actual publication of specific business information.

How we work

You will always find the right expertise with us as regard both general administrative law procedures (such as enforcement, objections and appeals) and for specific administrative law aspects such as subsidy law, specific sectoral legislation, and permit processes and publication aspects. We can also put together a specialised team for you as regards matters that encompass both administrative law and private law components, such as contracting, advising on proceedings concerning environmental law, spatial developments, construction and energy (in cooperation with our public sector private law specialists). Furthermore, Loyens & Loeff will assist you, when asked as well as on its own initiative, by keeping you informed about relevant developments by means of high-quality and relevant newsletters, publications and seminars.

For more information, please contact one of our legal advisers directly.