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03 December 2018 / article

Year-end tax bulletin 2018

The Tax Bulletin for 2018, which you will find below (and which is available for download), gives an overview of the most significant tax developments that took place in our home markets, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland, in 2018.

Loyens & Loeff Year End Tax Bulletin 2018

The bulletin also highlights the main legislative changes that have been announced in these countries for 2019 and offers insights into ongoing EU and other international developments. We focus on developments and changes that could have an impact on international businesses.

Many MNEs are changing their structures to comply with the new international standards by aligning their legal and business structures, improving their transfer pricing documentation and preparing for full transparency of their tax position. Sometimes this leads to the concentration of existing functions and activities in a single entity. Often this then also leads to an overall increase of operational activities in our home market countries as a whole.

Other areas are gaining importance: practical solutions to reduce double taxation due to transfer pricing corrections, unexpected application of multiple anti-abuse rules, higher withholding taxes and new interest deduction limitations. Our tax specialists have broad experience with these challenges!

Download the Bulletin

Please download the 2018 Year-end tax bulletin below.


Keeping you one step ahead

The members of Loyens & Loeff’s International Tax Developments Team will continue to monitor all developments on this front, and will help you understand their implications and their possible impact on your business.

If you would like to find out more, or should you have any questions after reading this edition of the bulletin, please feel free to get in touch with your trusted adviser at Loyens & Loeff.

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