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14 December 2017 / article

International private clients update 2017-2018

More than ever entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals find themselves doing business on a global scale and making investments abroad. If you are an entrepreneur, high net worth individual or a related service provider, you face a complex framework of tax and legal rules both at home and abroad.

International tax developments continue apace, such as efforts to combat tax avoidance, the need for transparency and the creation of a level playing field in cross-border situations. All these developments have an impact on legislation, regulations and policy, which in turn affect your (family) business and private wealth.

International developments 

This edition of ‘International private clients update 2017-2018’ looks at the various (anticipated) international developments that might be of relevance to you. In this update we also share news about some of the changes in our four home markets: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Download the update

Please download the International private clients update 2017-2018 below.