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28 August 2020 / article

FinTech 2020 - Legal guide for Swiss practitioners

Our Swiss legal guide for FinTech practitioners is written for business players. It shall allow them to preliminary identify legal aspects and use them to shape FinTech projects.

You will find there an overview of the main FinTech legal and regulatory aspects, including topics like open banking, the draft DLT law, the legal treatment of stable coins, cloud solutions, consumer credits, insurtech or the new AML provisions for cryptocurrencies.

Please read the guide below or download here the pdf-version.

Update on Revised Swiss Insurance Policies Act

The Swiss Insurance Policies Act (IPA) which governs the relationship between insurance companies and their clients has been partially revised. read more

Ombudsman - Affiliation Requirement

No ombudsman affiliation is required at all in case of serving institutional and professional clients. read more
Swiss Insurance Oversight Act

Update on the Revision of the Swiss Insurance Oversight Act

On 21 October 2020, the Federal Council adopted the dispatch as accompanying text to the partial revision of the Insurance Oversight Act (IOA). read more