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High-net-worth Individuals (HNWI)

As a high-net-worth individual you will be faced with complex tax and legal regulations, in your own country and abroad. These might apply to your business and to your (family) assets at the same time. Our team of trusted advisers helps you to establish optimal structures, always considering family values and dynamics.

Trusted advisers

You might be faced with a large range of questions, such as “How can I establish an optimal tax and legal situation, both commercially and privately?” Or: “What is the best way to hand over my (family) business and still guarantee the company’s continuity?” These are questions that cannot be answered with rational arguments alone: family values and dynamics play an important role in matters like these and they need to be well considered.

Our team of trusted advisers is happy to offer you personal, tailored advice. We always aim to establish long-term, sustainable client relations based on mutual trust. Our firm focuses on forward-thinking solutions, anticipating social dynamics and providing assistance in making the right (strategic) decisions. This also applies to our services for family offices, private bankers, (family) foundations and (family) trusts.



Benefiting from a large network

Your questions are considered and addressed from various perspectives, making use of our fully integrated collaboration between tax advisers, civil-law notaries and attorneys. We are completely independent from accountants. Furthermore, you can tap into our specialised tax and legal expertise of the laws and regulations in our four domestic markets (the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland), as well as in our global (partner) network.

How can we help you?

Our services:

  • Tax and legal structuring of your business;
  • Advice on management and supervision of your family business and assets;
  • Protection of your assets and your privacy;
  • Tax and legal advice on your succession planning, also in an international context;
  • Counselling and guidance on your family governance, to enable a successful transfer of your wealth to the next generation;
  • Tax and legal advice regarding your emigration and/or remigration;
  • Optimal structuring of your valuables, e.g. business and investment properties, securities portfolios, residential properties, country estates, art collections, cars, yachts, etc;
  • Establishing (family) foundations and charitable organisations.

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