As a FinTech company, you are uncovering new ground, developing a new and innovative product in a heavily regulated sector. We can assist you to navigate the rules, regulations and best practice and provide you with pragmatic advice helping you to advance your project.

Regulatory relaxations for Fintech companies in Switzerland
Article - 15 September 2017 - Switzerland

Regulatory relaxations for FinTech companies in Switzerland

The Swiss Federal Council published its FinTech strategy: promoting innovative forms of financial services to strengthen the Swiss financial center.
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Integrated approach

When developing a new and innovative financial product or service, you will deal with a broad range of questions: “Will I need to obtain a license?”, “Which laws apply to my business and how do I make sure I am compliant?”, “How can I limit my risks when dealing with sensitive matters such as customer data?” Such questions require an integrated approach and sophisticated but pragmatic solutions.

Multidisciplinary international team

Our multidisciplinary team consist of experts who can assist you with all aspects of your business, from incorporating your company and reviewing the tax implications for your business, to regulatory advice on your operations. Our Swiss team works closely together with our teams in the EU, combining knowledge and experience in the other jurisdictions. Therefore, we can also assist you with advice on EU legislation and market access, providing you with more than just a Swiss perspective.

How can we help

Thanks to our integrated approach, we assist you with every aspect of your business: risk assessment with regard to regulatory aspects, strategic advice, product development, drafting contracts, handling complex transactions from inception to closing. We also keep you aware of material changes in the rules and regulations that may affect your business.

Considering launching a Swiss ICO? Here are a few points to bear in mind

Considering launching a Swiss ICO? Here are a few points to bear in mind