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Real Estate Sector

The real estate market is in full swing again. Lately, real estate transactions and project development are increasing significantly. A knowledge of the market and deals is vital in this situation.

We provide investors, project developers, and end users with tax and legal advice to resolve many property-related issues. Thanks to our dedicated real estate team we specialise in assisting clients with property transactions and real estate developments involving office buildings, residential property, shops and logistics real estate. We also have the specific knowledge needed to provide you with legal and tax guidance on hotel and healthcare real estate. We also advise on related aspects, such as taxation, (cross-border) structuring and financing. We help you focus on the things that are important for your core business.

Impact of the coronavirus on real estate
18 août 2020 - Belgique

L'impact du coronavirus sur l'immobilier

Le locataire peut-il interrompre le paiement de son loyer du fait d’une obligation de fermeture imposée par le Gouvernement fédéral ? La poursuite de vos négociations...
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Ceiling - Loyens & Loeff Real Estate
Actualités - 12 février 2020 - Belgique

Option TVA sur la location immobilière – le deadline du 29 février 2020 s’approche

Le 1er janvier 2019, le régime optionnel permettant de soumettre la location de certains biens immobiliers à la TVA est entré en vigueur. Le régime transitoire...
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Financietoren in Brussels
Traiter - 17 janvier 2020 - Belgique

Loyens & Loeff félicite Breevast pour la vente de Financietoren

La plus importante cession d’un actif immobilier dans l'histoire de la Belgique a été conclue ce vendredi 17 janvier 2020, et notre équipe immobilière est particulièrement...
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Belgian notaries and digitisation: a (new) love affair
Article - 19 juillet 2019 - Belgique

Le notariat belge et la digitalisation: une (nouvelle) romance

La digitalisation et l'innovation nous entourent aujourd'hui. Ce mouvement est également présent dans le processus d’opérations immobilières et de fusions et...
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Real Estate Quarterly

Inform yourself about main legal and tax Real Estate items of the past and coming year.

Complex challenges

Making well informed, strategic decisions on your real estate portfolio asks for an understanding of a wide range of complex challenges. Questions arise such as ‘How do you structure your investment vehicle and your acquisition when legislation is ever-changing, nationally and internationally?’ or ‘What is the best way to handle the day-to-day oversight of your real estate assets?’

Multidisciplinary team

Combining global expertise with local knowledge is our commitment to our clients. We bring together our legal and tax expertise and take into account the requirements of local and international actors, always with a specific attention to differences in the three Belgian regions and in Luxembourg. 

How can we help you?

Our Benelux team responds to your needs by offering you the full scope of services in the following fields of the real estate business: