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30 April 2020 / event

How to relaunch my business after the lockdown?

Since the start of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our firm closely monitors and evaluates the situation and wants to keep you updated on any relevant tax or legal implications of government or health measures.

How to relaunch my business after the lockdown?

This webinar has already taken place

Currently we are still in the midst of a crisis with unprecedented effect for all of us. However, taking into consideration the different burning questions we receive from our clients, we would like to take a moment to look ahead and organise a webinar session on Thursday 30 April 2020.


1. Governmental support measures

The Belgian Federal and Regional governments have announced a number of general compensation and tax measures to support the cash position of Belgian companies and alleviate administrative burdens. Which of these measures could benefit your company and support the post COVID-19 relaunching of your business? Does your company qualify for these measures and, if so, how do you ensure the application thereof?

2. Impact of the coronavirus outbreak on your organization: the new normal

How are companies authorized to continue operating? Guaranteeing the safety of your employees, clients and business partners is now more than ever of the utmost importance. How to organize the work in your organization from a practical point of view? What are the best HR practices concerning the temporary unemployment, telework and the social dialogue? Strategic decisions must be taken. How can you organize board meetings and shareholders meetings without physical presence?

3. Doing business post coronavirus: how to build a sustainable future

How to become more crisis-resilient and approach contract drafting and negotiating in the post COVID-19 era? What have we learned from a commercial law perspective (updating of force majeure and hardship clauses, added value of electronic signature and counterparts clauses, etc.). What will be the impact of the new Belgian legislation on B2B contracts on crisis situations? What are the key e-commerce, privacy and security considerations to be included in your company’s 'going digital' checklist?

Programme may be subject to slight changes.