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11 October 2021 / news

Reform of property law

On 1 September 2021, Belgium said goodbye the rules of property law as laid down in the Civil Code of 1804 and the Acts of 10 January 1824 on long-term leases and rights to build, to replace them by one set of rules in the (new) Civil Code.


The (new) Civil Code consists of 9 books, whereby Book 3 “Goods” (Les biens / Goederen) includes the “new property law” (droit des biens / goederenrecht) divided into eight titles:

  • Title 1: General Provisions (Dispositions générales / Algemene bepalingen)
  • Title 2: Classification of goods (Classification des biens / Indelingen van goederen)
  • Title 3: Ownership right (Droit de propriété / Eigendomsrecht)
  • Title 4: Co-ownership (Copropriété / Mede-eigendom)
  • Title 5: Neighbourhood relations (Relations de voisinage / Burenrelaties)
  • Title 6: Usufruct right (Droit d’usufruit / Recht van vruchtgebruik)
  • Title 7: Long-term lease right (Droit d’emphytéose / Erfpachtrecht)
  • Title 8: Right to build (Droit de superficie / Opstalrecht).

In this contribution, we will discuss the most relevant general provisions and focus on the most important – and/or innovative – provisions on the usufruct right, the long-term lease right and the right to build (with the introduction of property in volume under certain conditions), as well as on the position of the mortgagee and on some tax issues.

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