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06 May 2021 / news

Prevention and anticipation: two keys to criminal defence

Faced with recent developments in international treaties combating corruption, the financing of terrorism and tax fraud, the risk management of criminal prosecution is essential for many companies. Olivier van der Haegen and Clémence Van Muylder, lawyers at Loyens & Loeff Belgium which recently strengthened its Litigation & Risk Management practice with the development of the Corporate Investigations, Compliance & Business Crime Defence team, provide an overview of the issue.

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EU Whistleblower Directive: New standards across all sectors

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Criminal liability of directors – the blind spot

Criminal liability of directors – the blind spot

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The ECJ recognised the right to silence to individuals

The ECJ affirms the right to remain silent for individuals

In a recent decision, the ECJ affirms the right to remain silent for individuals prosecuted for administrative offence of a criminal nature and denies to member... read more
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