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06 August 2021 / news

New Criminal Code in Belgium: what corporates should expect?(1/5)

The present newsletter is the first issue of a series of five, which will explore the large piece of legislation recasting the Belgian Criminal Code. Our two first issues will discuss the general spirit of the reform, as well as the modifications brought to general principles of criminal law. The three next publications will focus on the new regime of specific white-collar offences.

New Criminal Code: what corporates should expect?

The Criminal Code that Belgian criminal courts apply everyday dates back from 1867. In its more than 150 years of existence, the Criminal Code has been amended many times to reflect the shift of social values and to apprehend the repressive needs of the modern society. These multiplied amendments severely undermined its overall readability, which makes the criminal law arsenal very difficult to understand for citizens and corporates.

A recast project has been at the agenda of governments since 2015 and appears to get closer to the finishing line. We offer to guide you through the changes that the draft bill provides for corporates and the individuals who manage them.

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