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06 March 2019 / news

Inward Investment and International Taxation Review (Belgium chapter)

The Belgian tax system offers some beneficial features to companies willing to do business in or through Belgium. Discover some of these features such as the participation exemption or the notional interest deduction regime.

Inward Investment and International Taxation Review (Belgium chapter)

Doing business at international level becomes an increasingly complex matter. On top of business challenges, you now have to deal with complex domestic and international tax compliance requirements.

But what is the exact scope of these requirements? What are the tax rules applicable in specific jurisdictions and which tax system is the most aligned with your business?

To help you find your way, The Law Review publishes “The Inward Investment and International Taxation Review”, a useful comparative guide to tax rules applicable in about 40 jurisdictions.

For the 9th consecutive year, Loyens & Loeff contributed to the Belgium chapter.

In their contribution, Christian Chéruy and Marc Dhaene (Partners of the International Tax Services Practice) discuss some beneficial features of the Belgian tax system for companies willing to do business in or through Belgium, such as the participation exemption, the notional interest deduction regime, the extensive tax treaty network, etc. Also the Belgian tax compliance requirements as well as the recent changes to the Belgian tax legislation are highlighted in their contribution.

Click here to read their contribution.

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