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25 May 2018 / news

Inspiring Beyond - Tomorrow’s Tax & Legal solutions’

On 25 May, the concept ‘Inspiring Beyond - Tomorrow’s Tax & Legal solutions’ has been launched on the online platform of « De Tijd » and « L’Echo ».

Inspiring Beyond - Tomorrow’s Tax & Legal solutions

This online hub currently contains two sections: « Business law 3.0 » (introduced in October 2017) and « Creating value ». Within the latter – that has been launched on 25 May – we will address what the future will bring in the field of business and we will provide an early analysis of the quote « change is the law of life ».

We also give you several articles highlighting the research for innovative perspectives and future-oriented topics. The article is accompanied by a video of one of the interviews.

The online hub will be available from 25 May to 30 June included and will be disseminated via different on- and offline communication channel by « De Tijd ».


Read all articles now via « De Tijd »: and « L’Echo »:


For any questions related to the online hub, please contact :

Karine Léon

Ad Interim Marketing & Communication Manager

T +32 2 700 10 17


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