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02 April 2020 / news

COVID-19 Support measures – is your company’s KBO/BCE registration up-to-date?

When your company is affected and is contemplating applying for government support, it is important to spend a few minutes verifying the company’s registration in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (KBO/BCE).

Support measures

The Belgian government, as well as the different regional authorities, have taken a range of decisions to support the businesses that are affected by the economic consequences of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) and the measures that were taken to reduce the spreading of the virus. A regularly updated overview of the most important support measures can be found by clicking here

Several of the support measures are linked (and limited) to (i) the activity carried out by the company and (ii) the location. The so-called nuisance compensation granted by the Flemish Region for example is limited to those businesses that were obliged to shut down (restaurants, pubs, clothing stores, DIY-stores, etc.) and is limited to a maximum of five establishments per company.

KBO/BCE registration

When assessing the request for support, the relevant authorities will most likely consult your company’s registration in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. More specifically, the registered activities (the so-called NACEBEL codes) and the establishment units (indicating the different locations your business has an activity) will be verified. In our experience, for many companies the above information is either not up-to-date, incorrect or even missing at all.

In order to avoid important delays or being denied certain support altogether, we recommend to verify your company’s KBO/BCE’s registration before starting to complete the application forms. The public search function of the KBO/BCE can be accessed by clicking here.

In the event the registered information is incomplete or incorrect do not hesitate to contact us, so we can take the appropriate steps to update the registration on your behalf. Alternatively you can also contact one of the business counters (ondernemingsloket / guichet d’entreprises), which are the main points of contact for any request relating to your KBO/BCE data. They will be able to take care of most modifications. For certain specific changes (such as modification of incorrect information regarding companies registered prior to 1 July 2003) a request for modification can be submitted online via the My Enterprise application (

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