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Keeping your eyes on the road to success in the highly regulated automotive industry while handling all legal and tax compliance issues is challenging and not without risk. Our dedicated automotive team assists you with those issues so you can drive your business to new technological developments and to the envisaged success.

VAT: Lease, supply or service?
Article - 05 October 2017 - Belgium

VAT: Lease, supply or service?

In the automotive industry leasing is a popular form of acquiring assets. For VAT it is the question whether it's supply of a good or as a service.
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Be careful using off-road footage in car commercials
Article - 31 May 2017 - Belgium

Be careful using off-road footage in car commercials

Using video footage or pictures in your advertising of a vehicle driving off-road should be in compliance with the Febiac-code.
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Customs: Refund of import duty for recalled cars repaired under guarantee
Article - 10 April 2017 - Belgium

Refund of import duty for recalled cars repaired under guarantee

The Dutch Supreme Court asked preliminary questions to the European Court of Justice. The questions relate to cars, originating in Japan.
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Brexit impact on financial agreements and judicial cooperation in commercial matters

Integrated approach

Today the automotive industry is impacted by even more areas of law than ever before. You deal with a broad range of questions, such as ‘What should I do to be data protection compliant when exchanging data with dealers, suppliers or customers?’ ‘How do I restructure my dealer network taking into account consumer’s changing demand?’ and ‘What are the conditions to import vehicles / parts into the EU?’ These are all questions which require an integrated approach.

Multidisciplinary team

To best respond to your needs, we have adopted a multidisciplinary approach. Our team is composed of attorneys-at-law who have an extensive experience in automotive matters combined with an in-depth understanding of the local legal culture and the way EU law is applied. The team brings together experts in the following areas: market practices, commercial, competition, international trade, income tax, VAT, customs, financial, corporate and M&A, administrative and litigation.

How can we help you?

Thanks to our integrated approach, we assist you with every aspect of your business: risk assessment with regard to regulatory aspects, strategic advice, product development, tax position, drafting contracts, handling complex transactions from inception to closing, administrative issues, representing you in court and in alternative dispute resolution. We also handle:

  • protection, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • product liability and recalls
  • assistance in tax ruling procedures