In all industries, VAT levied on goods and services plays an increasingly important role. Whether your line of business is international trade, financial services, investment management, real estate or whether you operate in another sector, VAT affects your business. We help you to be in control.

Full VAT picture

Our VAT experts not only ensure that your company is VAT compliant. They make sure you have a comprehensive picture of your company’s VAT position by analysing your cash flows and VAT returns. The VAT compliance process provides regular assessment moments. If we come across any tax related issues we inform you on time.

Integrated team

Our VAT team works in close cooperation with our tax (incl. transfer pricing specialists) and corporate lawyers. By working as one team, our VAT specialists are fully aware of any latest tax and legal developments (eg, case law, legislation/policy and international developments), and specific transactions or projects running in your company and potentially impacting your company’s VAT.

How we can help

Our team answers all your VAT related questions and, among others:

  • VAT (de-)registration
  • Computation of input VAT deduction right
  • Analysis of the VAT treatment of your company’s upstream/downstream VAT operations
  • Preparation, review and filing of your VAT returns, European sales lists and Intrastat returns
  • Liaise with the Belgian VAT authorities- VAT