State Aid

The European Commission intensified investigations into illegal state aid as companies in the EU are receiving more government support in the current economic climate. This presents MNEs with some new challenges.

New challenges

There are potentially a number of challenges for MNEs to consider, for instance: how do you respond to an auditor if asked whether your group is exposed to state aid risks? Do you need to take measures to identify, quantify, control or reduce risks from previous years? If a state aid risk exists, what must be disclosed in your financial statements?

We help you manage state aid challenges

When deciding how best to manage state aid risks, you will need in-depth expertise and hands-on experience. We provide just that. We can provide you with fully-integrated, tailor-made and practical advice. When advising you on tax-related and other state aid matters – which often also involve transfer pricing issues – we pull together the expertise of our highly experienced competition law experts and transfer pricing specialists.  

Representation in court

We represent clients before both national and EU courts in relation to state aid matters. Our experience includes landmark cases before the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg. We help you get through the process in the best way possible.