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Employment Tax

Employment tax is relevant to both employers and employees who must comply with legislation concerning employment and benefits. These regulations are complex, especially in cross-border situations, and are amended frequently. We offer you practical solutions based on in-depth knowledge.

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News - 01 July 2020 - Belgium

Indexed lump sum allowance per kilometer for the professional use of the employee’s own vehicle

For employees who travel professionally (i.e. in performance of their employment contract) with their own vehicle, employers can reimburse the professional use...
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News - 30 June 2020 - Belgium

The new gift voucher wrapped up in a tax-free package

On 6 June 2020, the Inner Cabinet announced a series of new support measures. One of these measures was the 300 EUR consumption voucher to increase the purchasing...
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woman waiting at airport
News - 25 June 2020 - Belgium

Cross-border workers & COVID-19

Belgian tax authorities have negotiated agreements with border countries on the tax impact of international travel restrictions and health instructions (work...
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News - 24 April 2020 - Belgium

Collaborative economics: Judgment of the Constitutional Court dated 23 April 2020

In a judgment dated on Thursday 23 April 2020, the Constitutional Court annulled the law establishing the tax and social security regime relating to associative...
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Legal and tax compliance

With the ever-increasing burden of legal and tax compliance, the services and advice of employment tax and benefit specialists become increasingly necessary, especially in the case of remuneration structures for managers of multinational enterprises and expats. Packages need to be carefully structured in order to be tax-efficient and in line with applicable labour, tax and social security law. Special attention is required for fund managers and their carried interest entitlements. Well-structured employee participation plans may provide benefits for both employer and employee.  

Your employment tax needs

With our vast international expertise and comprehensive industry knowledge, our specialists can provide you with cutting-edge solutions in the area of employment tax. Our solutions are pragmatic and focused on your specific (business) needs. As part of our approach, we address all aspects of labour law from a tax and legal perspective. This means that we are always able to offer you integrated tailored solutions. 

Our tax and legal services

Our team of experts can offer the following tax and legal services:

  • Tax efficient remuneration structures for managers of multinational enterprises, fund managers, expats and other specialists in a domestic and cross-border context;
  • Employee participations and stock option plans;
  • Advice on salary withholding tax and social security matters;
  • Drafting employment agreements, policy regulations and termination settlements;
  • Employment law advice in business transfers and in the context of transactions.