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13 December 2017 / news

Practical guide on ‘Privacy within companies’ published by Stéphanie De Smedt (Sr Associate) with Kluwer

Stéphanie De Smedt (Sr Associate), team leader of the Loyens & Loeff Benelux-wide Privacy & Data Protection Team in Belgium, has published the practical guide ‘Privacy within companies’ with Kluwer.

Signing of MLI (multilateral instrument): BEPS measures speedily introduced

With the entry into force of the General Data Processing Regulation or GDPR, privacy and data protection can no longer be ignored from the day-to-day activities of both large and small companies in any sector.

However, privacy and data protection are so much more than the GDPR alone (think of camera surveillance, privacy in an HR context, security of data, etc.). Many practical and pressing questions already existed before the GDPR and are not necessarily resolved by it. In her practice as lawyer in a business office Stéphanie is confronted with these questions on a daily basis. With this book she wants to offer companies an answer that goes beyond the law, and with which they can get to work as practical as possible.

This book is written from the day-to-day experience of the author. It is not an academic work, but a practical reference work for companies that process personal data. The various chapters have been divided on the basis of concrete questions that the author encounters in her practice and go beyond the mere application.

Interested? Order a copy of the book via this link:!

Would you like to get in contact with Stéphanie? Do not hesitate to mail her. She will be happy to hear your thoughts on the book!

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